Meet Sonja Milisic – Tax Administrator

How long have you worked at QBS and what is your role? I have worked at QBS since February 14, 2002. I started off in the payroll department from home and after about 8 years I moved to South Carolina and started working in the Travelers Rest office. Upon moving to SC, I moved into the tax/Accounts Payable department. I learned QuickBooks and was responsible for paying bills and writing checks. I also took on the challenge of withholding, SUTA and local payroll taxes.

What’s your favorite part of your job? Our clients, my co-workers and working with my best friend.

You’ve worked at QBS for quite some time. What do you think is the secret to it’s continued growth and success? Pam and the employees.

What is one of the biggest challenges you face in your role? Keeping everything organized and paid in a timely matter.

You also head up Sunkiko, a WBE certified sister company of QBS. Can you tell me a little about your work at Sunkiko? I have attended 2 WBENC National Conferences in order to expand our reach and continue to make contacts that will help Sunkiko grow and thrive.