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2019 QBS Fall Newsletter

Beginning back in 2015, QBS has sent out a printed Fall Newsletter with updates, information and a note from our leadership. We hope you’ll take a moment to read this year’s. We’ve had a great deal of exciting news and change over the past year. Enjoy!

View the electronic version of this year’s newsletter here: QBS 5th Annual Fall Newsletter

Articles Include:

  • Important Reminders on Information Updates
  • 2019 Holiday Hours
  • David Evette Announced as New President of QBS
  • QBS Launches Wages On-Demand powered by ZayZoon
  • QBS New Benefit Offering: Telemedicine + Nationwide Prescription Program
  • “Meet Our QBS Team” features
  • Fall Recipe from the QBS Family Kitchen – No-Wait Homemade Soft Pretzels
  • Annual Letter from David Evette


BONUS: In March of 2019, Pamela Evette stepped away from her role at QBS to focus on her new role as Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina. We’ve included information for her social media channels if you’d like to see what she’s doing now!

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