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Alternative Options for Employee Healthcare

Providing affordable healthcare offerings and benefits continues to be a challenge for small to medium businesses. In fact, in 2018, uninsured individuals cited high health insurance costs as the reason for being uninsured (KFF).

Moreover, we’ve found that with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team saw a marked rise in interest for employee benefits, particularly medical offerings.

At the same time employers struggled to navigate the complex waters of unemployment, employees became increasingly concerned about the medical and financial implications of family members becoming ill with COVID-19. Now, more than ever, our clients are looking for creative ways to provide affordable healthcare options for all their employees.

While traditional health insurance is always an option, there have been several new programs that have recently come to market that provide these valuable products and services to employees.

At QBS, we are preparing to launch a new suite of Direct Care services as an alternative to traditional health insurance for those companies and organizations that want to provide some type of health and wellness benefit to new and existing employees.

From telemedicine options to designated urgent care facilities, healthcare shouldn’t penalize you for using services to proactively address health issues or maintain good health – and it certainly shouldn’t break your bank.

QBS is excited to introduce you to alternative healthcare coverage options that are available to you, your employees and their families.

Tier 1: Telemedicine

With businesses shifting to remote environments and the COVID-19 situation keeps evolving, many healthcare providers encourage patients to seek telemedicine services for minor medical issues. Telemedicine services allow you to connect with board-certified physicians via mobile, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your own home.

Tier 2: Telemedicine with Primary Care Physician (PCP)

Some telemedicine services provide primary care physician options. This expedites doctor appointments, where your designated PCP has access to your medical files, is familiar with you and your health, and can provide you more efficient and effective healthcare services.

Tier 3: Designated Urgent Care Facilities

For more urgent healthcare needs, instead of waiting in line at whatever urgent care is closest to you, attend a designated urgent care facility. This can help cover costs for diagnosis and treatment received through an urgent care provider.

Tier 4: Community Cost-Sharing Program

More serious or catastrophic injuries and/or illnesses can significantly impact your life, both financially and medically. By joining a community cost-sharing program, you can help offset some of those steep medical bills you receive.

QBS knows how valuable employees’ health truly is, which is why we will be launching a new program that offers these alternative healthcare options. To learn more about additional options to help your employees find more affordable healthcare services, please contact QBS.