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Business Benefits of Building a Diverse Workforce

As a 100% Woman-Owned company, QBS believes strongly in the power of having a diverse workforce. Individuals who come from different backgrounds – demographic, socioeconomic, cultural, etc. – have a great deal to offer in terms of experience and differing points-of-view.

So how does one go about increasing the diversity quotient in his or her business? Find a few simple suggestions below that can have significant impact.

Go outside of your immediate connections when looking to fill internship positions or hire new employees. 

Oftentimes the children of the CEO and/or other business leaders already have connections in place to help navigate finding and securing an internship. Foster diversity by creating an internship program that seeks out first-generation college students.

Similarly, employee referral programs frequently lead team members to refer individuals who are a lot “like them.” Instead of incentivizing staff to help recruit from their networks, use those funds to expand your own search efforts.

Don’t (Always) Make College Degrees Mandatory 

Granted, having a college degree is necessary in some industries like engineering, medicine and accounting. However, this is not always the case. There are many careers where experience and industry knowledge are much more valuable to long-term employee success than having a bachelor’s degree.

So, why should you create a barrier when it could keep you from hiring the best person with the greatest potential? Simple answer – you shouldn’t.

Diversify Your Entry-Level Recruiting Efforts. 

Make a concerted effort to take a big-picture look at your company’s recruiting history. If you’ve been returning to the same schools year-after-year, you are almost guaranteeing a non-diverse workforce.

In order to foster a diverse team within your organization, you need to recruit from a diverse pool of applicants. The easiest way to do this is to expand your recruiting efforts. Top universities can certainly remain a part of your search, but don’t forget to look at local colleges and universities. Want to really shake things up? Make it a point each year to have at least 25% of your recruiting efforts going towards new talent pools.

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