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Telemedicine services allows you to visit with your doctor on your computer or mobile device

Benefits of Telemedicine Services

According to Thomas S. Nesbitt, M.D., M.P.H., telemedicine has existed for decades (NCBI). However, as technology has improved, so has telemedicine delivery services.

Research has shown that 75% of respondents are interested in telemedicine services (Healthcare Innovation). With the COVID-19 situation, many employers and individuals are seeking alternative healthcare options. Telemedicine services have been more popular than ever as people fear exposure to COVID-19 having to visit doctor’s offices and other financial concerns.

Telemedicine offers incredible benefits for both employers and employees alike. Here are just a few benefits to consider when exploring telemedicine as an option for employee healthcare needs.

Benefits of Telemedicine

For both employers and employees alike, telemedicine provides great benefits including:

  • Eliminate transportation and related expenses
  • Remove time-off requests
  • Alleviates child or elder care issues
  • Access to board certified healthcare professionals
  • Decrease exposure to other illnesses
  • Lowers wait times
  • Improves overall health


QBS will be launching a new program that offers telemedicine and alternative health care options. Our telemedicine service will also offer a designated primary care physician providing the tele-space feel like a live virtual doctor’s appointment with your trusted healthcare provider. Contact QBS today to learn more about telemedicine and other employee benefit services.

Source: Chiron