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Benefits Outsourcing in South Carolina Can Help You Prosper

A growing trend in business management is benefits outsourcing. South Carolina has a vibrant business community and more and more businesses are discovering the advantages of using QBS for benefits outsourcing. South Carolina business owners are like owners everywhere, they went into business to do what they are good at. For most people, that does not include Human Resources management and everything that goes along with it.

Once your business has more than an employee or two, you quickly learn that all of the duties involved in Human Resources can easily become overwhelming. Besides payroll, workers’ compensation, unemployment, tax withholding and everything else involved in having employees you also need to be concerned with negotiating for benefits packages.  Unfortunately, unless you’re a large corporation you have very little negotiating power. That’s where companies that handle benefits outsourcing South Carolina can help you.

When you choose benefits outsourcing South Carolina you enjoy the negotiating and purchasing power of the company you are working with. QBS is able to offer your employees all of the most popular benefits that they demand. As an employer it’s important to be able to fulfill these demands in order to keep and attract top employees.  Our benefits outsourcing South Carolina includes:

  • Insurance – We offer a fully insured medical plan, prescription drug card, dental insurance, life insurance and cancer insurance.
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Section 125
  • COBRA administration

Benefits outsourcing South Carolina is just one of the services that QBS offers its clients. We offer a complete solution to handle all of your non-core business functions. Our PEO services also include payroll, workers’ compensation management and Human Resources management. Give one of our representatives a call today and let us show you how we can customize a program to fit your company’s needs.