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Benefits of Using a HR Outsourcing Company

You many have heard of using a HR outsourcing company but you don’t understand exactly what they do and why you would want to use one. Simply stated, a HR outsourcing company takes over all of the human resources related duties for your company. Sound tempting?

There are many benefits to this arrangement, here are just a few:

  • You, or the designated personnel in your business, no longer have to spend hours each week dealing with employee paperwork and other human resources duties.  You can devote your time to activities that make money. And you won’t have to spend company money for an HR manager.
  • A HR outsourcing company can take over everything related to payroll administration, employee timekeeping, tax reporting, workers’ compensation, unemployment claims and much more.
  • You not only benefit from using a HR outsourcing company, your employees do as well. Since these companies oversee many employees, they have the bargaining power to offer them benefits. Benefits that you haven’t been able to afford to offer them. This is not only great for your current employees, it will help you attract better ones in the future.
  • When you work with a HR outsourcing company, you have legal expertise on your side. They are large enough to have legal counsel to help them stay on top of ever changing federal and state regulations.
  • Studies have shown that both managers and employees report a higher level of satisfaction at companies that choose to outsource HR. They find the departments better run and more responsive to their needs. They also realize the value of the benefits offered.

The bottom line benefit of working with a HR outsourcing company is increased productivity. This not only comes from staff being freed from the duties of managing human resources, but from improved career path guidance and development for all of your employees.  It’s a winning situation all the way around.