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A Surprising (and Easy) Way to Boost Your Productivity at Work

We all have those days where you look up at the clock and wonder “Where did the day go?!” But how many of you ask the follow up question “What did I accomplish today?” In today’s work environment, and with the increasing prevalence of smart phones, we are bombarded from the moment we open our eyes to the moment our heads hit our pillows with information and a seemingly endless list of to do’s. It’s easy to get caught up in the “busyness” of life.

So, what can we do to ensure that the pressure to multitask and stay constantly busy isn’t negatively affecting our productivity?

Take a break.

While it may seem counterintuitive, hitting the “pause” button on your work day can have a positive impact on your productivity. These breaks can refresh, re-energize and help inspire new ideas.

Of course, as with anything else, there are certain ways to plan breaks that will help with productivity.

Leave the office. Getting outside can be restorative and it breaks up the monotiny – leading to greater creativity.

Just do it. Even if you don’t think you need a break – get up every hour or so to stretch or change sitting position. Good for your physical and mental health.

Don’t wait until the end of the day. Take a short break before lunchtime to replenish energy, concentration and motivation.

Have a little fun! When you do take a break, use that time to do something you enjoy – read a book, play guitar, take a quick stroll or run out to grab a coffee. Do something that makes you feel good and you’ll likely be more productive later.

In a culture where only 1 in 5 employees currently take a real lunch break, try to incorporate at least one of the tips above each week for the next month and see for yourself the positive impact a few minutes away from work can have on your overall productivity (and happiness) at work.

Find original article and more tips here: http://www.inc.com/marla-tabaka/a-surprising-way-to-increase-your-productivity.html