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Business Connections: Go Beyond Social Media

Social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can be excellent tools in helping to make that first connection with a new employer – to get your foot in the door. Still, it can be detrimental to your career growth if you don’t take the initiative to move these connections offline.

Social media sites can help to relay who you are, your strengths and your passions to multiple people and organizations simultaneously. Whether looking for a new job or working to grow professionally, in-person networking can be integral to your success. Keep these three things in mind when approaching in-person networking opportunities.

First and foremost, talk with as many people as possible and simply let the conversation flow. Be authentic in who you are and what you do.

Next, remember it’s always easier to talk about yourself, so help others be comfortable by asking a lot of questions. Engage them and actively listen to what they have to share. 

Lastly, don’t be “on the prowl” in terms of seeking out one person you think could be the ticket to a new job. Rather than being relaxed and enjoying the event, having this type of focus can cause stress and strained interactions. Instead, be open to meeting many, new individuals. You never know who else might be present and latching on to one person could cause you to miss out on an unexpected opportunity.

Read the original story from Fortune Magazine here: http://fortune.com/2015/07/15/gary-vaynerchuk-networking/