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Business Trends: Hiding in Plain Sight.

The secret to discovering business trends is no secret at all. It’s just about being open and aware of all that’s going on in the world.


Content is everywhere, all the time, and it tends to cancel itself out. In the race to be at the front, many often mistake loudness for success. Sharp business people know when to listen — to hear what’s being said, and what’s not. Opportunities spring from new places every day, and it’s up to you to anticipate where and when.


Knowing your industry is crucial. We’re not talking about just what you know from your day-to-day activities and interactions. We’re talking about reading what’s going on in your industry, outside of your walls. Studying everything, even areas that may not interest you, can only result in giving you a knowledge base that’s greater than your competition.


If you have a product that’s not selling, get rid of it. Shedding excess weight, in terms of what you offer, can help streamline and focus your business on its next big opportunity. This process can be painful, but having clear, cool insight about your successes and failures can help you stay on a course for success.

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