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C.H. Patrick: Offering Top-Notch Benefits

Founded in 1946, C.H. Patrick is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of textile and landscaping chemicals and dyes. With a company size of roughly 20 people, many of whom have been there for many years, it is no surprise that this company’s employees have become an extension of their family.

With chief financial officer Tom Reardon at the helm of all their human resource programs including on boarding, training, payroll, health care and 401(k), the small company struggled to manage all of the tasks at hand without a formal HR department.

After working with a payroll vendor, it quickly became clear that this vendor could not offer any additional assistance when it came to managing HR compliance.

Enter Quality Business Solutions’ team of HR experts. Click to read more on how our QBS team listened to not only the needs of C.H. Patrick, but also its employees – implementing a professional organization arrangement that helped to reduce costs, free up internal resources and give the CFO time to focus on the core business.