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Building a better team with lighthearted fun at work

Creative Ways to Bring Fun into the Office

Oftentimes, employees develop routines for their role efficiencies. A fun workplace can help deter negative effects, such as employee productivity, engagement, and retention and create a more engaging workplace. To help reduce the day-to-day pitfalls, here are some creative ways to incorporate fun at work and promote motivation at the workplace.

Out of Office Fun

Social Hour. From taco Tuesday and maybe wine and art to trivia night or family dinners, creating a social happy hour outside of work hours can offer a fun way to let off steam and get to know your team. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic coerced many businesses to shift to remote workplaces resulting in challenges for motivation at the workplace and managing remote employees. However, business leaders have incorporated virtual happy hours to stay connected to their teams.

Team-Building Activities. Team-building activities can range from in-office activities like yoga sessions or crafting to out-of-office activities like hiking, bowling, or barbeques. Depending on the location(s) of your company office(s), there are plenty of team-building activities to incorporate. For example, QBS is headquartered in Upstate South Carolina and last year we hosted a team outing to watch the Swamp Rabbits, our local ECHL hockey team, play in downtown Greenville.

Having Fun at the Office

Lunch and Learns. Whether it is work-related topic or personal growth topic, lunch and learns are a great way to have fun at the office. Topics can range from employee-led workshops and product training to diversity and health and wellness. Whatever the topic may be, lunch and learns are intended to cover light topics and invite employee to share their ideas and initiate in a collaborative dialogue. One important tip to remember is to include your remote employees.

Hands-On Games. Many businesses have already incorporated some form of fun at work. Some businesses have incorporated ping pong or pool tables, video games, and puzzles, whereas other businesses invest in catered lunches, snack and beverage bars, and unique benefits (i.e., gym memberships, employee discounts, etc.) to foster motivation at the workplace. Survey your employees to see what kinds of hobbies or other activities they do for fun and incorporate them into the workplace.

Friendly Competitions. Over the years, QBS has hosted “Spirit Weeks” that include team games, themed days where dressing up is encouraged, and corn hole or trivia tournaments. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to get even more creative. One example is our upcoming “Team Theme Party & Contest.” For this, different internal teams are encouraged to pick a theme, dress up and are given bonus points for decorating their workspaces. We have fun prizes for the winning teams and will be serving pizza for lunch.

QBS’s company core is founded on a sense of community and attests that having fun at the office has contributed to what made it great from the beginning. A majority of employers already implement activities to create a fun work environment, but if you’re looking for innovative ways to bring fun into the office, contact QBS.


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