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Don’t Get Burned by Bad Greenville HR Solutions, Choose QBS

Greenville – HR Solutions

Have you been burned by outsourced HR services in the past? QBS is one of the leading Greenville HR solutions in the region and trusted by many companies. We offer a broad range of HR services, and we back them with outstanding performance. Just take a look at some of the HR services we have available:

  • We can answer your past employees’ questions about COBRA coverage and the ARRA act. We also keep informed of all the pertinent recent changes and laws in this area.
  • QBS can tell you exactly what your responsibilities are for leaves of absence, including FMLA, and what employees need to keep you informed about.
  • We can keep track of all employee records as well as state and federal forms
  • We can help you implement an effective employee handbook and other policy manuals.

There is a reason why QBS is trusted by companies throughout the nation for HR services. As a QBS client, you receive a quality service and gain the time to grow your business without having to address the more tedious and mundane tasks of HR.

Let QBS Handle Payroll Too!

Greenville HR solutions is only one of the services available at QBS. Consider us for your payroll solution, too. You don’t have to spend hours making sure you’re doing payroll correctly and keeping up with all the government regulations and forms. QBS can be your payroll administer and make sure you get it all done, down to the last detail.

If you want to know more about QBS services, then feel free to give us a call. We’ll discuss your present HR needs and how we can help.

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