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Get Out and Give Back to Your Community

As we enter the 4th Quarter of 2015 and the Holiday Season quickly approaches, it reminds us how important it is to give back to those in need.

Our President/CEO, Pamela Evette, realizes the value of giving back to the local community. She has served on the St. Francis Forum and is active in multiple charities including St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital.  As a corporation, QBS has sponsored events at St. Joseph’s High School and Loaves and Fishes of Greenville among others. Beyond charitable contributions, Pam has actively worked to improve educational performance in the local community.

There are many ways to give back to your community besides donating money or sitting on a board of directors. You can give of time and/or provide your expertise at no cost. Here are a few ideas on how you can give back.

  1. Shop Local. It’s an easy way to support your local community. Even better? It provides an opportunity to grow your local business network!
  2. Offer your talents. There are a huge number of local non-profit organizations in every community that are in need of business expertise. From design to accounting to social media – your skills could make a significant impact for a non-profit in need.
  3. Encourage your employees to volunteer. Consider providing PTO (paid time off) to employees who spend time away from work to volunteer. Imagine the difference you could make in your community if every employee took 1 day off each year to give back.

We encourage you – businesses, business owners, employees, colleagues and friends – to try and do just one of these things this Holiday Season! We know that once you start, you’ll see the impact that we have seen in our community and want to continue to do more.

For more ideas visit: http://www.inc.com/john-rampton/10-ways-to-give-back-to-your-community.html