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Getting Back to Work: Easier Than You Think.

Strategies for helping employees return to work after an injury.

When you have an employee that’s returning to work after an injury, it’s important to give them the assistance they need. Transitioning back into a workplace environment can present unusual challenges. When you’re prepared to help an employee navigate their unique difficulties, you can empower them to achieve even greater goals than before.

Cost benefits.

According to the US Department of Labor, “accommodations for employees returning to work are highly cost effective, with most incurring little or no expense at all.” Employers that manage these transitions correctly can maximize productivity while minimizing costs.

Success through flexibility.

Most employers can transition workers smoothly back into the workforce by being flexible with hours and responsibilities. The push-and-pull of workflow, if managed properly, can create a smooth shift — and present new opportunities.

Incremental management.

The incremental process of returning to full health needs to be taken into consideration when modifying job expectations. A worker that’s working at 80% is preferred to no worker at all. Be respectful of the healing process, while being careful to increase or decrease responsibilities where needed.

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