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What QBS Can Do for You

At Quality Business Solutions, Inc. (QBS), we thrive when you do. In fact, our growth over the last 20+ years has been due to client referrals. We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of our clients and we’re not stopping now. We understand the challenges that arise for the private, semi-private, and public club industry when focusing on managing both full-time and part-time seasonal staff. QBS can help alleviate the back office administrative headache so you can focus on growing your business.

At QBS, we’re committed to best practices and dedicated to delivering top-notch service. That means we take the time to hire the best possible team to serve you, price our services right, and provide the highest value possible. Above all, the QBS team takes the time to listen and learn, and then creates solutions tailored to your unique business.

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Running a business involves numerous functions, but the burden of human resources, payroll, and benefits often falls on the business owner, taking time away from revenue-generating activities. A PEO, or professional employer organization, can help minimize risks and reduce costs which means you turn your HR burden into an asset. PEO services are customizable and can handle the management of HR, payroll, benefits, tax reporting, and workers compensation. QBS’s team of experts can help select services to suit your specific business needs.

What QBS Can Do for You

Human Resource Management

Our experienced staff of HR professionals are always available to assist with any HR questions you might have or HR services you might need, whether it’s with employee forms, assistance with federal or state requirements or assistance with employee handbooks.

Benefits Administration

Benefits can attract and retain new employees. Being competitive in what you offer your workforce—and how those benefits are managed—is a big deal. At QBS, we understand that finding the right health, retirement, and specialty benefits at the right price is important. We work with you to do just that.

Payroll Administration

QBS processes payroll in 49 states and provides free check cashing services, via Wells Fargo, throughout the nation. Your employees can simply walk into any Wells Fargo branch—even if they are not account holders—and present their check to be cashed. And because many states now allow you to mandate that employees receive an electronic form of payment; we offer free direct deposits as well as pay cards to facilitate electronic payment for those employees without traditional bank accounts.

Tax Reporting

QBS relieves your administrative headaches by managing tax reporting for your business, including quarterly federal and state reports, as well as managing your unemployment program.

Workers’ Compensation

QBS gives you peace of mind by helping your business navigate the complex world of workers’ compensation. We work with you to accurately classify employees by workers’ compensation codes and, by loading your current workers’ compensation costs, our system provides you with actual overhead costs per pay period. That helps track your accrued liability for accounting purposes. During audits, we also work directly with your workers’ compensation insurance carriers and brokers to provide them with the detailed reporting and accurate calculation of costs they need. Our collaboration tracks any work-related injuries incurred during the year and keeps you in compliance.

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