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HR: A Key Element to Facilitating Change

Organizational change is never easy. It can be a major obstacle for company leadership and seen as a huge disruption for the rest of the team. And, if proper communication doesn’t occur, it can cause unnecessary heartburn and even animosity towards management and the organization as a whole.

Oftentimes when change is set in motion, HR isn’t as involved as it could or should be. Having a unique “macro” vantage point of the organization, the HR team can provide valuable insight to plan for, manage and carry out organizational change in order to gain greater employee acceptance leading to improved implementation.

Below are a few key ways that HR can help to better facilitate change:

Ensure alignment and integration with company brand and culture.

All too often when an outside party is hired to help with large-scale changes, they bring their own vocabulary and culture to the table. HR can lead the charge by ensuring that third-party change management initiatives and implementation align with the company culture and don’t muddy the brand messaging – internally or externally.

Deploy effective change leaders.

Partner with operations to ensure that there are individuals throughout the organization to champion and lead the change. An added bonus, this is a great way to continue to develop future leaders within any organization.

Ensure change doesn’t occur in silos. 

Again, having a bird’s eye view of the entire organization, the HR team can keep a pulse on all change projects simultaneously underway. These individuals can provide diverse thinking, plan for optimal timing and act as a repository for ideas and results.

Avoid duplication of effort. 

Oftentimes when large-scale change occurs within an organization, managers tend to tap the same people, multiple times, to spearhead different initiatives – leading to counterproductive feelings of pressure and unnecessary stress. It’s important to simplify work and consolidate resources to avoid duplication of efforts.

Build an agile, “change ready” team

By incorporating new skills training alongside change, HR can help to develop a workforce that can be flexible and resilient – a key to continued success as any organization continues to grow and change into the future.

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