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Our HR Outsourcing Company Lets You Do What You Do Best

A HR outsourcing company may be exactly what you need to take your Human Resources department to the next level. Whether you are a small company without a dedicated department or one that is struggling with an HR department that is overwhelmed, a HR outsourcing company may be the answer to your problems.

Most people who are in business are not specialist in Human Resources. When you went into business you were concentrating on what you know best be it a product or service. However, once the business began to grow it’s likely you quickly found yourself mired in payroll, workers’ compensation and everything else that goes along with having employees.

Our HR outsourcing company can take over all of the tasks related to your Human Resource duties and let you get back to what you do best.  The team of Human Resource specialist at QBS can take over as much or as little of your duties as you need. We pride ourselves on tailoring programs to fit every company that becomes a client. Below are some of the services that our HR outsourcing company can offer you and your company:

  • Payroll Administration – We can handle it all. We process employee check, provide reports, maintain deduction records, audit unemployment claims, handle payroll inquiries and more.
  • Benefits Packages – We can help you offer the benefits package you need to keep quality employees. This includes insurance such as medical, dental, life, cancer and prescription drug cards. We also administer short and long term disability and COBRA.
  • Unemployment Management – Leave unemployment processing and review, hearings representation and reports to us.
  • Workers’ Compensation – Our full insured plan gives the coverage you need.
  • Tax Reporting – When our HR outsourcing company handles your reporting nothing will be overlooked.

A HR outsourcing company like QBS can take over all of your Human Resources duties at a cost that may surprise you. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can help.