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HR Services – South Carolina

Every business owner knows that their success or failure depends a lot on their employees. A good employee can improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, or sales through their hard work and determination.  However, along with all the advantages of having great employees, a business owner gets a sizable administrative burden. Someone has to handle all the ongoing details of the employer-employee relationship.

HR services, South Carolina and beyond, is our specialty at QBS. Our experts handle all aspects of human resources, so you can focus on growing your business. QBS has a bevy of services available to keep your business running smoothly.

  • Payroll Administration: We make sure your payroll is done correctly and on-time.
  • Tax Reporting: We handle the bookkeeping and reporting not only for payroll, but also for tax reporting.
  • HR Management: We take care of all your compliance issues in all areas. For instance, if you have an employee requesting time off for the Family Medical Leave Act or a leave of absence, our knowledgeable staff can provide information on qualifications. We also handle warnings and termination procedures for problematic employees.
  • Workers’ Compensation:  We can keep track of your worker’s compensation requests and handle all the details.
  • Rewards and Benefits:  QBS makes sure your benefits run smoothly and that your employees get the best deals and services. We handle all COBRA requests.

Mix and Match QBS Services

We provide the HR Services South Carolina businesses need. Contact us to improve the efficiency of your business. The staff at QBS is always available for questions and comments.

HR Services | South Carolina
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