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Human Resource Outsourcing Travelers Rest, SC

Human Resource Outsourcing Travelers Rest, SC can help you take your business to the next level. It can enable you to save money while also being able to offer your employees the benefits they have been asking for. Here are some key concepts to help you understand how HR outsourcing works.

The employer of record for your employees will become the company you contract with for human resource outsourcing. Travelers Rest, SC employees, and even you, may think this sounds scary, but it’s not. It will not have an impact on your day to day operations. Everyone will still do the same job, in the same place, with the same boss.

The HR outsourcing company will become the employer of record so that they are responsible for handling the duties involved in managing your employees. They will be the ones who track timecards, process payroll, withhold taxes and report them, and everything else involved in managing employee pay.

There are other duties covered by human resource outsourcing. Travelers Rest, SC providers can also handle the administration of things such as workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits. They will even be the ones attending the hearings, not you. They also handle discipline, terminations and other unpleasant duties.

There’s another aspect that many employees appreciate when it comes to human resource outsourcing. Travelers Rest, SC employees want and need benefits the same as employees everywhere.  When they become employees of the HR firm, they are eligible for great benefits. This is because the company has many employees, not just those of your company, so they have the bargaining power to contract for benefits.

If this information has made you wonder if this is right for you and your company give QBS a call today. Their team of HR professionals would be happy to help you develop a plan to fit your company.