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Human Resource Services | South Carolina

QBS Helps Your Business Meet Federal and State Regulations

There are many specific ways QBS can help you with Human Resources, including:

  • State and Federal compliance on employee records and forms
  • Cobra administration and Cobra through the ARRA
  • Unemployment management: claims, hearings, and reports
  • Employee Manuals and Policies

Your Employer – Employee Relationship

There are important areas of the employer – employee relationship where “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  We offer professional guidance in these areas.

For instance, when you discipline an employee, it’s critical to follow an established procedure, and to document what is done. The same applies when you terminate an employee. When you take these actions, you want to do them according to an approved process that follows not only your official company process, but also federal and state regulations.

Another important area is employee leaves of absence, such as:

  • FMLA (Family Leave and Medical Act) absences
  • Sick time
  • Absences involving workers’ compensation

It’s essential to track and manage these properly, as well as to administer the appropriate health benefits during your employee’s leave time.

Would Your Company Pass an HR Audit?

One important way QBS can help you is to administer a simple HR compliance test to determine if your company would pass an HR Audit.

What is an HR Audit? It’s simply a way for your business to measure where it stands in terms of human resources and to reveal any improvements that are needed. The purpose is to ensure that government regulations and official company policies are being followed.

Contact QBS today to learn more about our human resource services. South Carolina businesses can count on us to make sure they are in compliance with all federal and state mandates.


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Human Resource Services | South Carolina

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