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Internships are Key to Job Success Post-College

According to Ryan Smith, CEO and founder of Qualtrics, “The number one problem I see in academia today is students coming out of college unprepared for the workplace.” In a Fortune Magazine article, he goes on to share why he believes internships are so important to college graduates seeking employment. Below are a few of the key take-aways.

Colleges aren’t able to provide real-world experiences to students.

Graduates learn a great deal on how to think by taking classes on different subjects – oftentimes related to the field they want to pursue – but these don’t prepare them for the workplace.

Internships provide an opportunity to “try before you buy.”

Similar to sampling a wine before you purchase the whole bottle, internships let you have a “taste” of the industry and specific job you think you’d like to hold long-term. Even more, if you intern at a company you think might be a good fit, it allows you to test the waters in terms of culture, income and location all before making a (hopefully) lasting commitment. Being a good fit can be hugely important to an employee’s long term happiness, engagement and success within an organization.

From the employer’s perspective – internships allow growth with less risk. 

An internship not only provides employees with growth and development opportunities, it also allows employers to scale up business with less risk. As an example, if a company feels it needs to add 5 people to the team but needs to ensure there is enough work before they pull the trigger, hiring interns to do some of the groundwork at a lower cost is a win-win. An added bonus? If these interns prove to be a good fit for the organization, they could quite possibly work into the full-time positions they are helping to create and/or justify.

This summer, QBS has a couple interns working in our office. We are confident that the “on the job” experience they receive, will leave them better equipped to join the workforce when they finish college. Who knows? They could end up back here as a part of our team.

Read more here: http://fortune.com/2015/06/16/ryan-smith-internship-advice/