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New QBS Benefit Offering: Telemedicine + Nationwide Prescription Program

At QBS, we realize all the challenges that business owners and employers face when it comes to providing health care benefit options to their employees.

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA), once employers meet a certain threshold of employees, they are required to offer benefits or pay a fine. And as much as employers have a desire to offer these benefits to employees, sometimes it is actually less expensive to incur the fine than to offer insurance.

For those business owners who either do not meet the mandated threshold or who find affordability to be an issue, QBS has a great new offering. We can now provide our clients’ employees with individual healthcare services for them and their families using a nationwide prescription program and telemedicine.

Did you know that 82% of all illnesses can be safely handled by a qualified physician using telemedicine? We’ve partnered with BasiCare Plus to cover the consult and over 90% of the generic medications prescribed by telemedicine without a copay. At only $8.75 per member (family) per month, you can provide your employees access to the help they need.

What’s more, offering this plan can assist with reduction in employees calling out sick. By having the resource of access to a health provider, employees don’t need to wait until they are sick and unable to work to seek help. When they realize they aren’t feeling well, they can reach out and communicate with a licensed healthcare professional, get treated, and get medicine when needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about this great new offering from QBS, please contact Bob Gajoch today at: regajoch@qualitybsolutions.net or (864) 660-6947.