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PEO Service South Carolina Handles All Your Employees

Using PEO service South Carolina may be something that you’ve heard of but don’t really understand. If you have only heard a little about the concept, you may have been scared off. The idea of having all of your employees work for another company many sound like the exact opposite of the reason you went into business. You want to be in charge of your company, its future and what happens there. When you go with PEO service South Carolina at QBS you will still be in charge!

Professional Employer Organizations are not in the business of taking over your company. A PEO service South Carolina company is in the business of handling payroll, offering insurance benefits, dealing with worker’s compensation claims and doing everything a Human Resources department would do. You are still the boss, you still hire and you still fire. You simply no longer have the headaches that go along with Human Resources management.

Major Benefits of PEO Service South Carolina

  • Employer of Record – The PEO company becomes the employer of record for tax purposes. They are responsible for payroll taxes, filings, etc. If fines are levied, it’s not your problem.
  • Legal Liability – When we are your PEO service South Carolina the legal liability associated with having employees falls on us, not you.
  • Benefits Packages – As a large employer of record for many employees we have the purchasing power to offer insurance and other benefits most small companies cannot afford. This can allow you to hire and keep quality employees.
  • Time Management – When we handle your PEO service South Carolina your office and you will be able to refocus on revenue generating tasks. Employee related paperwork, compliance issues, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims, accounting and more will be handled by us.

Give us a call about becoming your PEO service South Carolina provider. We will be glad to show you how we can help you with all of your needs as they relate to Human Resources. It’s time you got back to what you love.

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