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You probably went into business to do something you loved and were interested in. It’s likely that didn’t involve number crunching and record keeping. Give up those duties with a Payroll Service.  Travelers Rest business owners are discovering the benefits of this service and you should too.

Even if you don’t do the payroll yourself, you hire someone to do it. It’s likely that they spend many hours a week doing so. And all of those hours are non-productive as far as generating revenue for your company. How much better would it be if those hours could be put towards producing income instead of spending it? You can accomplish that with a Payroll Service.  Travelers Rest businesses are taking advantage, you can as well.

You might be thinking that your company cannot afford a Payroll Service Travelers Rest. It can be surprisingly affordable.  Industry statistics show that using a service can be half as costly as performing the duties in-house.  It eliminates the need to have a payroll manager on staff. It also reduces the risks associated with doing payroll in-house such as fines for improper record keeping.


Convenience – You report hours worked, deductions, etc. to the provider and they do everything else from producing the check to tax reporting to record keeping.

Accuracy – Your payroll is handled by experts with the latest training and software. They do this all day, every day and they know what they’re doing.

Compliance – Staying in compliance with regulations regarding payroll is an ongoing task, one that most individuals cannot keep up with.  State and federal regulations are constantly changing and you must be current or face heavy fines and penalties. It’s a provider’s job to stay current and they do so diligently.

These are just a few of the highlights of using a Payroll Service. Travelers Rest business owners can get back to what they do best when they source this activity out. Call and speak with Quality Business Solutions, Inc. today and let them show you how they can help you.