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QBS Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Founded in May 2000 by Pamela and David Evette, Quality Business Solutions, Inc. (QBS) is excited to be celebrating 20 years in business.

From the beginning, we placed our clients and their needs at the top of our priority list. Our founders realized a genuine market need for customized, consulting-based solutions that would remove the burden of employee-related administrative and back-office tasks, allowing our clients to focus on their core business functions. And, unlike some other firms, we always held true to the belief that one size does NOT fit all.

Over the years, we’ve been incredibly blessed. As our co-founder Pamela Evette has been known to say, “God dreamed a bigger dream for us than we could have ever dreamed for ourselves.” In just 20 years, QBS has grown from a small start-up to an almost $1.5 billion dollar enterprise. 

Of course we’ve experienced challenges along the way, just like every business. But through the dedication of our QBS team members, who we refer to as our “QBS Family,” combined with the loyalty of our clients, we’ve come through stronger and better.

Just last year, we saw a change in leadership at QBS. David Evette assumed the role of president, setting the firm’s vision and leading the company’s sales, development, benefits and human resource functions. He took over the position previously held by his wife, Pamela S. Evette, who voluntarily stepped away from her role to focus on her duties as Lieutenant Governor of the State of South Carolina.

In one of his first acts as president, David led a new strategic partnership for QBS with another leading PEO company, Vensure Employer Services. This partnership provides QBS clients more options for employee health benefits, as well as access to more robust tools, technologies and shared resources that will allow the company to offer the industry’s most complete range of payroll, HR and benefits solutions for clients of all sizes and industries. 

As David shared in our announcement last year:

Since the day we founded QBS at our kitchen table, it has always been a labor of love for Pamela and me and our entire family,” said David Evette, President, Quality Business Solutions. “While times and leadership may change, we remain passionately dedicated to providing superior solutions and service for our clients and to being an employer of choice for our valued associates. Under my leadership, we will continue to look for new and better ways of doing business and building unique product offerings that fill industry gaps to drive progress.”

To all of our clients, vendors, friends and QBS team members, we are so thankful for your friendship. We look forward to the next 20 years ahead!