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QBS Department Spotlight: Information Technology + Implementation Team

Our Information Technology (I.T.) Team is responsible to always be looking two steps ahead in terms of technological and systems needs. They perform a myriad of tasks for our team members and for our clients including management and training for client time & attendance systems, handling the day-to-day management of internal technological needs/issues relating to computers, printers and network, as well as manage our client/internal software that is used daily for processing core functions of our business.

Additionally, I.T. works with our 3rd-party networking vendors, handles all system upgrades, and ensures that all internal communication needs are met and issues are resolved for our clients. Any time QBS is looking to add new products or tools, both internally and externally, the I.T. team takes the lead.

The QBS Implementation team is the first point of contact for the client when a new contract is signed. Implementation works with new clients to get them set up with everything they need including: benefit documents for setup, pay codes the client will utilize, client tax account #’s and rates, W/C dept. for codes to use/not use and to get approved, banking information (wire setup or not), and distribution for getting package schedules set.

Implementation does this by first understanding each clients unique processes in order to determine their specific needs. After this occurs, they set up the internal client team who will address these needs. Implementation remains the central point of contact for our different departments to ensure clients are set up properly and running smoothly — while also running parallels to ensure set up is adequate and running the first few live payrolls before passing this talk on to a designated Payroll Administrator for ongoing service needs.

Stay tuned next months as we share more about another valued department and all they do for us and our clients! 


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