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Benefits Administration

In today’s business world, benefits can attract and retain new employees. Being competitive in what you offer your workforce—and how those benefits are managed—is a big deal.

At QBS, we understand that it’s important to you to find the right health, retirement, and specialty benefits at the right price. We work with you to do just that.

Our flexible, comprehensive list of employee benefits services, include:

Fully insured & self-funded medical plans

Telemedicine & virtual care

Subscription-based local care

Medical cost-sharing

Prescription drug cards

Dental insurance

Vision insurance

Life insurance

Cancer insurance

Section 125

Short- and Long-Term Disability

Mini medical plans

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Benefits requirements and standards are always changing. QBS is always ready.

Interactive Benefits
Our state-of-the-art web software allows your employees to quickly view their current plan enrollment, dates of coverage, premium amounts, and dependent coverage status. We also provide COBRA administration for plans that are COBRA eligible. And if your employees were to miss work or not earn enough to make premium deductions, our integrated system automatically tracks the data and creates an arrears record that’s applied when the employee either returns to work or earns enough to collect.
Invoice Reconciliation

QBS can import your carrier invoices into our system to automatically give you a variance report for any discrepancies that exist between billings to you and employee/employer deductions. You’ll also gain peace of mind by avoiding the costly burden of invoicing mistakes with our thorough invoice reconciliation. We quickly add and remove new and terminated employees to keep your billing running smoothly.

FMLA Tracking and Compliance
We manage the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for your business from start to finish. QBS takes ownership of the initial employee request, verifies eligibility depending on the employment state and, after approval or denial, handles the transactions related to compliance. We deliver updates and communicate with both employee and employer throughout the entire process.
QBS Direct Care
QBS Direct Care offers clients affordable, alternative healthcare options for their employees, consisting of four unique healthcare solutions that can be stand-alone or bundled together for ideal healthcare coverage: Virtual Care, Virtual Select Care, Local Care, and Sedera medical cost-sharing.
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