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Simplify and Streamline Employee Onboarding with a Web-Based Solution

If your company has a need to employ individuals, it’s almost guaranteed that it has some type of system to onboard any new employees. And no matter if everything is done on paper, by hand or via computer, there are necessary forms to complete and necessary information that every employer must capture in order to change that new hires status from applicant to employee.

At QBS, we offer a fully integrated, web-based onboarding system that streamlines and simplifies the above process for our clients, making it much easier and quicker to get a new employee up and running. While we realize that some employers still utilize hard copies of forms and documents, there are many advantages to adopting a web-based system, such as the one we use at QBS.

First and foremost, it saves time. Employees are able to enter in their personal information into a form that includes everything from an emergency contact, to tax and WOTC forms, to the necessary documents required for that individual’s specific role. For example, if you’re part of a waitstaff, a majority of your forms would be focused on the food service industry dos and don’ts.

By entering in this information one time and online, it can help to avoid errors that might occur due to legibility in handwriting, information transfer from one document to another, or even keying errors that might happen if the same information must be entered or provided multiple times.

In addition to minimizing errors and saving time by entering in personal information up front, once employees are hired, they are able to seamlessly continue the process by logging into a site that will provide the necessary documents they must complete and sign regarding their legal rights to work. Once they complete their portion of these forms, management is able to complete their portion (also online and within the same system), and the employee can officially be added to the company payroll.

There are multiple additional benefits to utilizing a fully integrated, web-based system:

#1: No Unnecessary Trips – Transportation to and from a job site can present a barrier for some people, especially while they are looking for work or transitioning between jobs. The ability to complete onboarding via a web-based system at home on their own time provides for enhanced flexibility. This is especially beneficial as it can take up to an hour to complete the necessary online forms depending on the person and the specific job.

#2: No Lost Paperwork – Though hopefully not a common occurrence, it’s unfortunately possible that in the midst of the workday, an employer may accidentally lose onboarding paperwork that an employee has spent their time completing. If this occurs, the employee must re-do the form. Not only is that a pain for the employee, but it can reflect poorly on the employer, which isn’t the way anyone wants to begin a relationship. Beyond this, in the face of a natural disaster or a fire, physical documents are much more likely to be lost.

#3: Quicker employment – By housing the onboarding process online, it makes it possible that the employee could very well start work the very next day. This is a prime example of the enhanced speed and efficiency of the online process. Paperwork tends to be a bit more cumbersome – both in the time to fill it out and the time to review it. It’s much easier to miss a required “box” of information when filling out a paper form than when you’re doing it online. Additionally, depending on the hiring manager’s workload and organization, it could take longer for him or her to complete their portion of the paperwork. Plus, when using physical forms, oftentimes managers must wait for things to get manually filed and completed.

While it’s true that onboarding can be a tedious task, by applying innovative solutions like we offer at QBS, the burden can be greatly reduced for employer and employee alike.

If you’re interested in upgrading your onboarding process, give us a call. We’d love to walk you through how this and our many other services can benefit your business and your bottom line.