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South Carolina Payroll Services from QBS

South Carolina business owners are often unpleasantly surprised when they find out how much time they spend working on payroll. Once you’ve gone beyond 3 or 4 employees, your payroll chores seem to multiply exponentially.  It’s not only about calculating everyone’s pay for the time period.  It’s also the tedious chores of taking out all the deductions in the right amount, recording it properly in your bookkeeping, and sending off the payments and quarterly reports to Uncle Sam, and all the other reports to make and regulations to follow.

That’s where our South Carolina payroll services come in. Quality Business Solutions can take much of the burden off your hands with our proven systems for “quick and compliant” payroll. Once we get the basic information from you on each employee, our service kicks in and takes care of all the payroll tasks. And we’re cost effective too!

How Can We Help?

Our South Carolina payroll services can help you in many ways. We handle all the following payroll administration tasks:

  • Processing employee payroll checks
  • Maintaining deduction records
  • Computing tax liabilities and remit deposits
  • Creating reports on employee data, sick days and vacation days
  • Auditing unemployment claims
  • Making Labor Board appearances
  • Collecting and remitting wage garnishments
  • Handling payroll inquiries
  • Preparing management reports for you

A Local Company with National Payroll Capability

With one office in Travelers Rest SC and another in Dunbar WV, we’re as local as can be. Yet we can handle your payroll nation-wide. Quality Business Solutions is currently processing payroll in 48 states.

Call us today at our South Carolina office at 864-834-3985, or email us from our Contact page.


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