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Ensure Compliance When Issuing Pay Cards

Recently we sent a communication out to all of our clients to remind them of an important compliance requirement as it relates to issuing pay cards. At QBS, we partner with SOLE and always want to be sure that we are keeping our customers up to date, informed, and in compliance with all required regulations.

So what can you do to ensure compliance? 

In order to stay compliant with Federal law, two forms of ID must be verified and on file in order to issue pay cards. For QBS, we must keep these on file prior to issuing any SOLE pay cards to EEs.

QBS, like many other PEOs, undergoes random audits where this information is requested and must be provided. In an effort to streamline the audit process, make your life easier and to ensure compliance, QBS requires CLEAR scans to be sent in with any pay card applications.

Click here for a list of Acceptable ID.

As always, if you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to your QBS payroll administrator or contact us via phone or email at info@qualitybsolutions.net.