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Summertime Work Events: Dos and Don’ts

Summer is here! And if you’re employer, that means discussions about a lot of things: flexible work schedules, less restrictive workplace dress codes, and planning summertime activities and events. The goal is to prepare events and activities that encourage camaraderie between employees, as well as an opportunity to enjoy warmer weather and, depending on the industry, a decreased volume in work.

But it’s important to remember that even if you’re not in the office, some important rules and procedures still apply. For example, company picnics are a popular way to host a casual, relatively inexpensive event for employees. Permitting family members to attend is an ideal means of encouraging employees to introduce their colleagues and their family members to one another.

Employers and HR professionals should keep in mind that although such an event may be casual in nature, it is still an employer-sponsored event, and therefore, employees are expected to adhere to the employer’s policies with regard to their behavior at the event. Employers should therefore have a clearly designated drug and alcohol policy in place which includes company sponsored events, whether offsite or onsite, within its guidelines regarding employee behavior.

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