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Take Charge of Your HR With QBS

Human Resource Consulting – South Carolina

Perhaps you’re busy trying to grow your business base and don’t have the time to deal with all the mundane day-to-day human resources tasks. Or maybe you have a small company that can’t afford its own HR department. QBS provides the human resource consulting South Carolina businesses depend on.

  • We’ll cover all your compensation issues, from how to pay your employees, to overtime pay and withholding pay.
  • We are your resource for Family Medical Leave Act information. Learn what you are and are not legally bound to do for your employees.
  • Is an employee not performing up to standards? We can make sure he is let go legally and with the proper documentation to back you up.

There is a reason why QBS is one of the most well respected HR managers in the nation. We are knowledgeable, dependable and a resource that our clients treasure.

QBS Is More Than Just HR

When you choose QBS, you have access to a bevy of suites beyond human resource consulting. Businesses across the nation often choose to take advantage of multiple services from our company. Why stop at HR, when we can handle your payroll administration, benefits administration, tax reporting and Workers compensation?

With one quick phone call, we can set up a consultation to gain an understanding your business needs, and how we can help. We’re here for all aspects of your human resource management.

Human Resource Consulting | South Carolina
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