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Human resource management has become a complex system of HR techniques, personalities, and skillsets. Because human resources is an inevitably, constantly changing industry, it is imperative that those who wish to be leaders quickly adapt to such changes.

One way to stay ahead of such changes is checking updates in the industry. What’s trending? What has become outdated? Where is the industry likely to shift next? These types of questions will help you remain diligent in your efforts to better serve your clients and gain leadership recognition in the field.

In addressing such questions, you may realize that there are HR tools and systems that will help push you to the top of HR management, such as customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, performance management, and other similar tools.

  • CRM. Customer relationship management software can be thought of as a glamorized Excel sheet. While most small- and medium-sized businesses may be misled in their belief that CRMs are solely for large corporations, they’re useful to SMBs too. Because they organize and analyze data, CRMs allow data-backed insights so businesses can better gauge customer demands. CRMs are adaptable in forecasting future needs.
  • ERP. Enterprise resource planning tools analyze various fields and processes of a business, such as inventory, accounting, and HR management software. It is an all-in-one system that streamlines policies and procedures companywide. ERPs are similar to CRMs but focus more on the operational side of business.
  • Analytics. Whether you’re using a performance management, applicant tracking, or social media software and tools to record and organize information regarding current and prospective employees, utilizing analytics is becoming an integral focus in HR management. Social media is a great resource for the HR industry, especially when it comes to building the company reputation within the local community. This is typically done during the interview and selection process to create algorithms that refine methods to garner positive perceptions of the company.


There are many tools and software available for adequate HR management in all size organizations. Professional employer services (PEO) organizations are revolutionizing the human resource industry.

Implementing top trends in HR management, acquiring the skillsets, and evolving with the industry has allowed QBS to flourish. QBS has a competitive, comprehensive suite of HR management resources and experts that are readily available to assist you.

From compensation, FMLA, and benefits, to discipline, termination, and policies, QBS provides an HR Support Center staffed with HR specialists who can provide the information and resources you seek.


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