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Try Outsource Payroll Service

Have you thought about using an outsource payroll service? Travelers Rest business owners have been enjoying the benefits of this kind of service and maybe it’s time for you to do so as well.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Reduced costs – It really can be cost effective to use an outsource payroll service Travelers Rest. Just eliminating the cost of a part time person to handle payroll can offset the costs.
  • Avoid penalties – The IRS says that 40% of small businesses pay penalties every year. These are due to late tax filings and errors. When you have a payroll service provider it will all be done on time and correctly. And if there is an error they’re the one who pays, not you.
  • Direct deposits – Most employees want the convenience of direct deposit but most small businesses cannot provide it. It benefits your company as well by eliminating the handling and reconciling of paper checks.
  • Technology – Have you ever forgotten to update your payroll tax tables? Are you tired of having to update your software and hardware to keep up? When you use an outsource payroll service Travelers Rest that’s their responsibility. And since they do it for numerous companies they are always up to date.
  • Experts – The laws and regulations regarding payroll are always changing. When you hire a firm you’ll have their experts on your side and can be assured that everything is done right.

Using an outsource payroll service Travelers Rest is a viable choice for even small companies with ten employees. If you would like to explore it further and see if it is right for your business, call QBS today. They will be happy to help you evaluate the costs and set up a plan. Don’t struggle with payroll any longer. There is an easier way.