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Why Value Matters: Spotlight on QBS

Last December, Pamela Evette was interviewed by Business Black Box Magazine. Pamela and Jordana Megonigal discussed how Pamela took a focus on quality and turned it into a billion-dollar business.

A 100 percent woman-owned business, Quality Business Solutions, Inc. provides professional employer organization (PEO) and administrative services organization (ASO) outsourced employee and Payroll, Benefits and HR management services. Founded in 2000, QBS has experienced revenue growth of nearly $300 million over the past three years, making it a $1 billion enterprise. We sat down with President/CEO of QBS, Pamela Evette, to talk about how it all happened.

BBB (Business Black Box): QBS is relatively young—you were only founded in 2000. But in a short 16 years, you are a billion-dollar enterprise. What does it feel like when you step back and reflect on that?

PE (Pamela Evette): It sometimes feels like a dream that we are able to do so much. Sixteen years ago I had big aspirations, but I never thought we would reach almost a billion dollars. When I think about it now, I humbly step back to say, “God had a much bigger dream for us than we could’ve ever dreamed for ourselves.” It gives me a lot of pride to know we were able to build a business that was so successful. Most of the time when I look at Quality, I don’t see at it as a large corporation. We run it as a small business to give a high level of customer service to our clients, and since that is and has always been our goal, we can sometimes overlook how big our numbers have gotten.

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