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Louise Evette: The Woman Behind the QBS Christmas Trees

Written by Pamela Evette – December 8, 2016

Louise Evette has always had a passion for decorating Christmas trees. The first time I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas with her was 11 years ago when she welcomed me into her home, which to my delight, looked like something out of a Charles Dickens novel. In her home were at least 20 perfectly decorated Christmas trees – it was simply magical.

Louise was born and raised in the hills of North Carolina and moved to Taylors over 40 years ago. She is the truest example of a Southern lady who is always perfectly coordinated and appropriately dressed for the season or occasion. But it isn’t her appearance that shows the true reflection of her beauty. She is an amazing woman inside and out. As I’ve come to know her better over the years, I am inspired by how much love and light she has brought into my life.

In 1998, Louise was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a fighter, so she immediately underwent treatment that included a mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy and was declared cancer free. But as happens with many survivors, it was almost 11 years later when she went in for a check up to discover that the cancer had returned, and this time it has spread into her bones.

Louise, who will turn 80 this New Year’s Eve, is still a fighter, but she is the ultimate example of compassion and love. She sits with other patients as they are undergoing treatment and she is still decorating trees – including the 2016 QBS tree that is on display at this year’s St. Francis Foundation Festival of Trees. Even though she is unable to physically do as much as she used to, she is sharing her light with the world through that tree, which this year is dedicated to breast cancer awareness, those fighting this disease and those who have survived it.

We hope that this article and our appreciation of Louise will bring light into her life this holiday season. And, we hope that God will allow us many more years with Louise so that that she can continue to share her light with us for many years into the future – both as an individual and through her beautiful tree decorating at the St. Francis Foundation Festival of Trees.

To learn more about the St. Francis Foundation visit: http://www.stfrancisfoundation.com