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Woman-Owned Businesses: More and more are leaning in

QBS is proud to be a woman-owned business. And it’s probably the most exciting time in history for women in the workplace; the groundswell of interest in, and exposure to, women in the global marketplace can only lead to positive results for all concerned.

The growth is exponential. According to a recent survey, women-owned businesses are growing — and they’re growing more quickly than all but the biggest, publicly-traded corporations.

It’s big business. And getting bigger. According another recent report, “there are 9,087,200 majority-owned and privately-held women-owned firms, employing 7,854,200 employees in addition to the owner, and generating over $1.4 trillion ($1,410,940,800,000) in revenues.”

Women are breaking into new areas, every day. A recent Barbie book was roundly criticized for depicting its central character in need of men’s help to turn her design ideas into reality. In fact, tech companies are being encouraged to hire more women to populate what has been considered a largely male-dominated field.

Learn more: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/11/16/business/corner-office-women-executives-owning-their-voice.html?smid=tw-nytimesbusiness&_r=0