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Workplace Discipline: Counting the Strikes

It’s a test every employer must face: disciplining your employees. Most employees want to work hard and do a good job, but when exceptions happen (and they will), it’s best to be fully prepared for every step of the disciplinary process.

Most progressive discipline policies are established with the goal of increasing the severity of penalties resulting from repeat occurrences that violate company policies. Most disciplinary policies begin with a verbal and/or written warning, and progress from there, if necessary, to a final written warning and then termination.

Documentation is a critical element of taking the proper disciplinary steps. Written notices provide official notice, as well as an important paper trail that can be used to assess the employee’s progress towards improved workplace behavior.

Progressive discipline policies broadly communicate to employees the consequences of violating a workplace policy, as well as the severity of an employee’s infraction of the employer’s guidelines. Whatever policy your organization establishes with regard to employee discipline, it is crucial to ensure your procedures are equitable and consistently applied, so they will not be arbitrary in nature or discriminatory in intent.

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