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5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Leadership Skills

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how significant a role leaders play in every business venture. Whether you’re a born leader or have spent many hours working on your leadership skills, here are 5 ways to enhance your leadership capabilities.

1. Lead by example

Having an employee code of conduct can be a great help in introducing and setting employee expectations. Once these are established, the best way to reinforce these behaviors is to demonstrate them yourself. Remember, leaders set the tone for the workplace. A positive attitude is contagious and can be central to creating a positive, upbeat work environment.

2. Be humble

If your team does an exceptional job, be sure to share the credit. In the same vein, if you make a mistake, take ownership, apologize and ask for help when you need it. By being humble, you will help to create an environment where employees feel safe to take risks and make mistakes.

3. Communicate Effectively

The best way to build trust and keep misunderstandings at a minimum is to be approachable and give your complete attention to your team members when approached. Actively listen to employees concerns, be open minded and ensure your conversations remain confidential.

4. Be emotionally aware

Leaders realize that every person is different, each having their own opinions and backgrounds. It’s important to be aware of others feelings and sensitivities and how these impact the environment and your company’s success.

5. Be yourself

In a world of politics and reality television, it’s important to embrace who you are and be your authentic self. Every leader has his or her own style and no single style is right or wrong. Work with your teams and mentors to gauge your strengths and weaknesses while also striving to continuously improve. Moreover, don’t be afraid to share some personal information with your staff. Take opportunities to spend time together outside of working hours – without “talking shop” – and get to know one another on a personal level.

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