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The Benefits of Embracing Casual Dress in the Workplace

Part of being successful and remaining competitive in the business world is staying current with “trends” in the workplace. In our ever-changing world, casual dress is one item that we have seen continue to grow in offices across our nation. What’s more? Employers are offering this as a benefit to attract not only the next generation of younger workers, but also experienced workers who are looking for a more modern workplace culture. And, it’s working.

It’s working for QBS

While there are certain industries where suits and ties are still the norm, those organizations who have been able to relax their standards, have seen the benefits. At QBS where we are often working with clients via phone or email, we have been able to foster this type of atmosphere since we opened our doors in 2000. Allowing our team members to wear casual clothing not only provides a more relaxed environment for employees, but it also saves them a good deal of money on more expensive “business” suits, blazers and the dry-cleaning bill that comes along with it.
Of course, we do have days where we may have customers or other visitors in the office. When this occurs, we typically request that our employees wear more professional attire. But even so, we try to provide our team members with QBS branded button-down shirts and polos to make dressing up on these occasions that much simpler.

Guidelines are still important

While offering the benefit of casual dress at your company has benefits, there can also be some drawbacks if you don’t provide some general guidance as people’s opinions on what “casual” means can vary greatly. We would definitely still recommend the creation of a “dress code” so employees aren’t left to try and guess what’s OK and what is not.

Comfort can boost productivity

According to a recent article in Employer Benefit Advisor, “About 88% of employers offered casual dress benefits in 2018, according to data from the Society for Human Resource Management.”  As flexible and remote work continues to become more prevalent “allowing workers to wear less formal clothing to work can be a nice perk for those who aren’t able to work remotely.”

When employees are happier and comfortable, productivity is likely to improve. Here are what a few QBS team members had to say when we asked them how they feel about our company’s own casual dress policy.

  • “Having a casual dress policy allows me to be more relaxed at work.” – Katie Decareau, Tax Administrator / Staff Accountant
  • “I used to work in the corporate world before joining QBS. Now, I truly enjoy being comfortable in my own clothes at work.” – Josh Irick, Product / Service Specialist
  • “I love it! When you are comfortable, you are definitely more productive with your work.” – Amanda Mcmannes, Benefits Administrator

If you have questions or need assistance updating your employee dress code, QBS HR Specialists are here to help.

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