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Introducing a Subscription-Based Healthcare Model

Finding affordable healthcare coverage with annual increases of traditional health insurance plans is oftentimes the biggest hurdle businesses face. Alternative healthcare options, such as telemedicine and subscription-based models, are becoming more of a norm and solution to traditional healthcare hurdles. Here are some questions and pertinent information for considering a subscription-based healthcare model.

What is a subscription-based healthcare model?

The subscription-based healthcare model is most often utilized when companies provide their people with access to employer-sponsored onsite wellness centers, decreasing costs and making their healthcare benefits more efficient. Employees are able to have a direct relationship with a primary care doctor at a local healthcare clinic that places greater emphasis on wellness and proactive health management. In fact, provider teams practice broad-scope medicine on smaller patient panels, getting to know their patients personally in the process. These patients can visit their primary care physician for routine annual physicals, acute care, more complex chronic conditions, and everything in between.

What are some of the benefits of utilizing a subscription-based model?

Some benefits of the subscription-based model include:

  • Sharing on a per-need basis
  • Commitment to healthy lifestyle, overall improved health
  • Eliminate network restrictions
  • Improved healthcare consumer knowledge


How does it work?

A subscription-based healthcare model functions very similarly to a streaming service (i.e., Netflix) or a gym membership. Members pay a monthly fee and receive concierge healthcare, such as unlimited doctor visits, unrestricted access to healthcare professionals, laboratory services, immunizations, prescription, and more.

It is important to note that subscription-based models are not insurance rather, they are an alternative healthcare solution to bridge the gap between expensive copays, deductibles, and traditional healthcare pitfalls and affordable, quality healthcare services.

QBS provides an alternative healthcare solution, Proactive MD. Through Proactive MD, our clients work with patient-focused, advanced primary care providers and can access primary care, chronic and acute condition care, patient advocacy, behavioral and mental health services. They can also access to specialists for second opinions and complex care, as well as miscellaneous healthcare services needs, such as physical therapy, wellness management, smoking cessation, and much more!

If you are concerned about what occurs in the face of an unexpected injury or other event that requires specialized care or even hospitalization, QBS offers an additional option that can be layered on top of your subscription-based model. Utilizing medical cost sharing services through Sedera, QBS clients who choose this option become members of the cost sharing community where, essentially, they share the medical costs within their community by contributing each month. If a member experiences an eligible medical event, the community shares the medical cost. These types of healthcare coverage models are used for major or catastrophic injuries or illnesses.

To learn more about this subscription-based model, view our QBS Local Care Brochure. To learn more about our other employee benefit offerings, please contact a QBS employee benefits specialist today!


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