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Employee Appreciation Strategies: 2020 and Beyond

Similar to so many other areas of our lives in 2020, business owners are facing an unprecedented situation as they prepare for year-end employee appreciation and recognition. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners, leaders and managers must take into account both employee safety and limited-budgets when planning holiday events and considering year-end bonuses.

Below are a few articles we’ve found useful as we’ve guided our clients with regards to their employee appreciation strategies for 2020.

While it may be tempting to skip the holiday party entirely in favor of other forms of appreciation like gift cards or baskets, taking away social events altogether is not the way to go, says Bicé Grobstein, executive vice president at LulaFit, an amenities management company.

“Yes, it’s going to look and feel different, but we could still make this interesting and fun,” Grobstein says. “[Employers should] do what they can to make the best out of our moment right now, and really lean into it and embrace it.”

But for small businesses with less robust budgets, it’s often unrealistic to give out big bonuses to staff members during the holidays. For many business owners, that’s especially true this year in the midst of a global pandemic that’s caused a major economic shock.

If you can’t afford to give your employees a holiday bonus, but you still want to recognize them for work well done in 2020, there are plenty of ways to show appreciation. Small businesses are getting creative when it comes to showing staff thanks for their efforts during this difficult year.

In 2020, we’ve learned that it’s more important than ever to stay connected with each other and to toast one another’s accomplishments when possible. With more employees than ever working remotely and feeling disconnected from the office, companies are looking for unique ways to engage their people, build a bond among team members, create a sense of normalcy and maintain their company cultures.

Our selection of fun, engaging, and social virtual team building activities are crafted specifically to help your remote employees build bonds, collaborate, boost morale, and stay connected while social distancing. Remote employees can join the team building fun no matter where they’re located.

Virtual employee engagement ideas are ways to improve the relationship between an organization and its remote workers. These activities may include Quarterly Christmas, Mister Rogers Calls, and a #you-are-awesome channel. The purpose of these engagement ideas is boost morale and participation.

As always, should you need additional guidance, QBS is here to help. We’re wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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