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Hiring is the easy part. Keeping them? Harder.

Surprising though it may be, most businesses these days do not have employee retention strategies in place. Here’s a few tips to get you thinking about how to plan the long-term growth of your workforce — and your business as a whole.

It’s vitally important for businesses to have a good system in place to introduce new employees to the workforce. A comprehensive orientation program can help new hires transition smoothly into the workforce, and assuage not only their concerns about their new role, but their co-workers and peers as well.

Prospective hire interviews are important — but they can be useful for the employees you already have. Conduct “stay” interviews to assess your employees’ happiness, frustrations, goals, and more. This can help you strategize long-term, and help your employee strengthen their positions.

Offering incentives to employees based on their output or success can be tricky, but done correctly, it can energize your workforce and encourage a healthy sense of competition. Think creatively about the kinds of things you can offer as incentives — not just cash rewards, but added workplace perks like parking spaces or extra days off as well.


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