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Do You Need HR Solutions Travelers Rest, SC?

If your company has grown beyond three or four employees you have probably found you or one of your staff spending untold hours handling employee management related tasks. Instead of being able to spend your time on money making activities, you are handling payroll, workers’ compensation claims, or attending unemployment hearing just to name a few of the time consuming tasks. Maybe it’s time to explore HR solutions Travelers Rest, SC.

When you contract with a company for HR solutions Travelers Rest, SC they take over all of those tasks. And you can get back to doing what you do best.

HR Solutions Travelers Rest, SC Services

Working with a company like QBS means that you will be able to take advantage of their comprehensive services including:

  • Management of compliance with requirements related to ADA, COBRA, wage and hour laws and more
  • Handling of workers’ compensation claims
  • Attendance at Unemployment Claims hearings and appeals
  • Assistance with handling workplace conflicts, sexual harassment allegations and more
  • Documentation of work performance, disciplinary actions and other work performance issues
  • Risk management assistance
  • Employee handbook templates

While all of these services sound like they would benefit your company, you may be thinking that this level of service is out of your league. That’s not the case. Since we handle these services for a wide variety of companies, the cost to each individual company is brought down. In fact, many companies that choose to use our services find that it is more economical than handling everything with their own staff.

QBS specialized in offering HR solutions Travelers Rest, SC to small and medium sized businesses in South Carolina. We will be happy to perform a HR compliance test to establish whether your company could pass an audit if performed today. Let us help you protect your company and your employees.

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