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Pamela Evette Keynotes 2017 United Way Women Make a Difference Luncheon

Published by WYFF News Channel 4

GREENVILLE, S.C. —Women who are leaders and philanthropists in their communities were honored Tuesday at the United Way of Greenville County “Women Make a Difference Luncheon.”

Pamela Evette, president and CEO of local billion dollar company Quality Business Solutions, was the keynote speaker and told WYFF News 4 that giving back is in her blood.

“As a child, was constantly told when my Polish grandparents came here, they were helped,” Evette said. “It instilled in me you cannot really achieve the American dream unless everyone helps out.”

A signature part of Evette’s message during her address was to encourage the audience to make a “ripple” in their local community.

“I think when we throw our pebble into the water we create positive ripples day in and day out that we don’t even know we’re doing,” Evette told the crowd said in front of hundreds.

The United Way Women’s Leadership’s Jobs to Careers program is one of many local efforts creating an intentional ripple in the community’s waters.

Lisa Barnett can attest to the significant impact the Jobs to Careers program has had on her life.

“If it weren’t for the program, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” says Barnett, who was one of the first of now 44 women to receive the scholarship.

Back in 2010, Barnett was living paycheck to paycheck, and wanted a more fulfilling and financially sound life for herself and her family. She received the Jobs to Careers Scholarship, which took off the financial burden of school, while she focused on furthering her education.

“They paid for the program, my scrubs, they paid for my books, my vaccinations.”

Now Barnett is a Certified Medical Assistant and wants to return the favor- creating an endless ripple effect for the betterment of Greenville.

“They put into place for me the quality and leadership, and I want to pass that along to other recipients.”

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