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Oftentimes when we are meeting clients for the first time and explaining our services, they learn that we offer “benefits administration” but aren’t exactly sure what type of health plans are available to them or really what “administration” means.

First, as a PEO, our team is able to customize a medical program based on your unique needs and financial limitations. We offer coverage ranging from the lowest cost wellness plan to the traditional major medical plan. Our goal is to maximize our clients benefit program while eliminating any potential exposure from the ACA (Affordable Care Act) mandates.

Once we have developed the best plan for you, your business and your employees, we are able to assist with all aspects of your benefits — from administration to reconciliation. Our state-of-the-art software also allows employees to view their current plan enrollment, dates of coverage, premium amounts, and dependent coverage status.

3 General Types of Plan Offerings

MEC Health Plans
The MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage) is the most affordable way for both employees and employers to avoid penalties under the affordable care act.

Level Funded Self Insured Health Plans
As an alternative to traditional health insurance plans, we can use this self-insurance model. This plan is issued to QBS. Using re-insurance, we protect ourselves and our clients from any risks.

Traditional Major Medical Plans
QBS is able to negotiate and offer your organization traditional major medical plans through our benefit partners. As with any of our services, these can be tailored to meet your specific needs. As a small company, when working with QBS, your employees are able to gain access to the same comprehensive benefits typically provided by large companies.

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