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Interview with David Evette and GSA Business Report

QBS President David Evette featured in GSA Business “Coffee With…” Series

GSA Business Report’s “Coffee With…” series features Upstate business executives who share insights about their business, the industry in which they work, and the community in which they live.

In this edition, David Evette, president of Quality Business Solutions, shares how QBS has been working side-by-side with clients throughout the pandemic, what businesses should be focusing on now, NEW affordable healthcare solutions, and how businesses must reevaluate their diversity and inclusion efforts.

You can watch the full interview with David Evette, president of QBS, and Rick Jenkins, Publisher of GSA Business Report on the publication’s YouTube channel.

You can also read the accompanying article which was published in the August 10 – August 23, 2020 print edition of GSA Business Report.


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