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Outside: summer. Inside: still business.

Learn more about common summertime workplace issues.

Once the temperatures climb, your workplace will almost certainly be faced with unique challenges. Workplace attire in the summer is a common issue. While some anecdotal evidence suggests that formal attire is making a comeback in some offices, many others still practice a more casual environment. Flip-flops in the office, for example, are a common sight, but do be conscious if OSHA regulations require your employees to wear protective footwear. As for attire, many HR organizations recommend being very specific about your dress code; overly colorful and/or revealing clothing could be considered counterproductive in a professional environment.

Many workplaces will also see a rise in employees working remotely. As an employer, you need to be conscious of how often your employees are working while using vacation time; you may be liable for any break periods and overtime they may accrue. As an alternative, you can offer more flexible scheduling to your employees. Increased adaptability in timelines can help you meet the needs of your employees while still keeping your projects on schedule.

Many workforces practice seasonal hiring. This can be temporary hires to cover people who are out on extended vacations, or it can be interns recruited from colleges and universities. Temporary hires and interns can be an excellent way for businesses to tackle many smaller projects and/or administrative tasks, at an affordable cost. They can also be an excellent way to discover, recruit, and develop new talent.

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